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IT and Biotech Lawyers

What's in our DNA?

Highly professional legal services.
We can advise you on all the legal aspects of knowledge transfer and valorisation in the field of ICT, pharma and biotechnology.

Our expertise connects a sequence of knowledge regarding aspects of intellectual property, contract, ICT, privacy, European and International law, as well as grant regulations relevant to public-private partnership collaborations, R&D and valorization activities of research organizations and companies associated to the ICT, pharma and biotech business.

Over 35 years of combined experience.
Both Alexander and Carmen have extensive legal know-how in these fields, having worked for many years as company lawyers in the public and private sector.

Clear and practical advice.
We communicate in terms our customers can understand and give them practical legal advice they can work with.

A Dynamic Network of Advisors you can tap into.
Our help can go beyond legal advice via a network of collaborators in the field that match our DNA. Our networks connects with other consultants that we can refer to, combining our efforts to give you the all-round support you need.

Competitive prices.
Good services at reasonable fees. We keep our own costs low, so our clients will only pay for services rendered without unnecessary overheads.